Car rental conditions

Required documents

The tenant must have a valid passport or a valid identity card. It must also be made in Category B driving license. Legal persons must submit a business registration certificate, power of attorney, confirming the existing right to represent the company and the company’s name to rent a car, and category B driving license.

Driving restrictions

The rented car can drive a person not less than 23 years old with a valid, compliant with international driver’s license and at least 2 years of driving experience. Renting a car is allowed only in Lithuanian territory. Check to foreign countries, the leased car, is possible only with the written consent of the lessor. For arbitrary departure without the lessor’s consent, subject to a fine of EUR 900. The rented car per day are allowed to travel up to 200 kilometers, kilometers above restriction, subject to an additional 0,10 EUR / km fee.

Car rental period

The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hrs.).

Payment and security

Payment for services can be made in cash or by bank transfer. By renting a car of 200 € cash deposit, which will be returned, return the car in such a condition, was rented.

Tenant responsibility

The tenant is fully responsible for the condition of the vehicle of the lease term, which means full responsibility for the car or intentional negligence resulting in the failure occurred, and other damages. Rental period breached any rules (traffic, parking rules, etc.), The tenant has to pay for all those violations received fines or answer any other statutory procedures.


All our vehicles are covered by the compulsory third party liability insurance and CASCO.


Cars are rented with full fuel tank. At the end of the lease period – the car must be returned as well as a full tank, it is a prerequisite. Otherwise, the tenant pays for the missing amount of fuel and EUR 15 refueling service fee.

Neat and clean car

We rent a neat and clean cars, so we expect the same to recover and after hiring. When any dirty, dirty interior car for EUR 15 fee for external washing, EUR 15 fee for cleaning the interior.

Courtesy car

Car breaks down in the event of accident or for any other reason unable to continue his only exploit, to the extent possible, provide alternate unsuccessful outcome.

Car pickup / returns

Automotive issued / returned pitch – Šeimyniškių. 30A, Vilnius Opening hours Monday – Sunday: 8:00 – 20:00. Under a separate agreement with the client, the cars can be issued / refunded and working hours. Car delivery / pickup during operation of the customer the one in Vilnius additionally taxed by 15 for taxation, after work hours – 20 for taxation. When any car before the contractual lease time – the rental fee is not refundable.

Car reservation

he car can reserve a phone. +370 640 15551, e-mail. Email By completing the reservation form, it is necessary to wait until the reservation is confirmed, confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. mail or will contact our staff by telephone.